Program Description:

With Simple Tickets you can:
1. Create New Tickets (from admin panel without restrictions or from the website with restrictions)
2. Manipulate the settings for each ticket
3. Change the time that a user has to wait before creating a new ticket (e.g. they created one and want to create a next one straight away)
4. Smooth layout for the entire program.
5. Literally impossible to cause an error without editting the files physically.
6. Simple creation of new ticket. in New Ticket tab or from shortcode which you paste on a page GBL_SMTCKS in brackets.
7. No setup required!
8. Easy to use.
9. Once you are comfortable with the program you can switch Advanced Features on in the Admin > General Settings and go back into Settings to see more settings!
10. Simple to follow Ticket List. you can click on a ticket to go into it.
11. Don’t forget that we are trying to advance this plugin all the time!